Sleeping pod could cost renters €760 a month

Article in The Times on December 21st 2016:

“Renters in Dublin could be asked to pay €760 a month to live in a compact sleeping pod.

The Irishman behind a new start-up company has said that he has received numerous requests from landlords looking to maximise space.

Shane Connolly, 49, from Dublin, launched the Mr Sleeping Capsule business earlier this year after noticing the popularity of the pods while he was travelling in Asia.”

His stackable structures, measuring 5ft by 7ft, include a mattress, reading light, power socket, USB port, and the option to add a flat screen television or air conditioning. Customers also have the choice of a side or end opening.

The company’s tagline is “double your space, double your income” and the website includes a reminder that landlords can take…

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How I Started Making Money from Sleeping Pods

How I Started Making Money from Sleeping Pods Hi, my name is Shane and I’m the founder of Mr. Sleeping Capsule. The purpose of this post is to explain to you how I started to make money from Sleeping Pods. Like many people, I was adversely affected by the recent property crash. Mortgage repayments were out of reach, and I needed to find a way to cover the monthly shortfall. I became an accidental landlord. I lived in a big old house, bought when times were good and before the property market crashed.Continue reading